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Lu's Construction is an EPA Lead Paint Certified Renovation Contractor

If you live in a home built before Jan 1st, 1978, the EPA is requiring new standards for renovators to ensure that lead based paint is identified before work begins, and if present, is not released into the environment during the work process. Lu’s Construction is concerned about your health and safety, and we feel it’s important for you to understand the implications of this new federal mandate.  We have an EPA certified lead paint renovator on staff, and are an EPA certified lead safe renovation contractor so you can be assured your project follows the new regulations.  If lead paint is present and will be disturbed during renovation, steps will be taken to:
  • Identify what you can do to protect your household during renovation
  • Seal the work area to contain dust during demolition
  • Use work practices to minimize the creation of dust
  • Properly dispose of contaminated materials
  • Clean the work area daily
  • Thoroughly clean and wipe down the work area at the end of the demolition phase
  • Inspect and certify the work area meets EPA standards at the end of the demolition phase 
When these requirements will not impact the cost of your project
A. 1) If your house was built before January 1st, 1978 and the total interior surface area being disturbed is less the 6 sq. ft. per room (except windows), the EPA does not require paint testing or extra dust containment.
B. 2) If your house was built before January 1st, 1978 and the total exterior surface area being disturbed is less the 20 sq. ft. per project (except windows), the EPA does not require paint testing or extra dust containment 
When these requirements will impact the cost of your project
 If either A or B is not true, or a window is being disturbed, EPA certified testing of all painted surfaces which will be disturbed is required before work can begin, and additional dust containment and disposal actions are necessary to comply with the law.  The testing involves cutting or scraping a small area completely down to the substrate (wood, drywall, plaster, etc.) then applying chemicals to test for a lead reaction. This can usually be done in inconspicuous areas. We will review and assess which areas need to be tested, and how many test samples will be required prior to defining the project scope.  
We are also required to furnish you with a copy of the EPA “Renovate Right”  publication, and will need your signature on the Pre-Renovation form before any work can begin  Please take the time to read it and feel free to discuss this aspect of the project with us.
For more information, see the EPA Lead Safe web page at http://www.epa.gov/lead/index.html
Or to view the the Renovate Right brochure go here  http://www.epa.gov/lead/pubs/renovaterightbrochure.pdf

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